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Your Core

Bodytrak®, the first precision in-ear monitor and cloud analytics platform.

Bodytrak® utilises real-time data analytics and machine learning to automate health & safety and performance monitoring.

The device

Bodytrak® is unique. It exploits the only body site from which all vital signs can be measured. From one small non-invasive, in-ear device, metrics including core body temperature, heart rate, VO2 and motion (speed, distance, cadence) are sent wirelessly to the user in real-time via a smart phone, smart watch or internet hub. Since Bodytrak® accesses the ear, it detects changes in body physiology rapidly and accurately due to its close proximity to the brain, more effectively than when measuring at the periphery of the body.

Machine learning algorithms enable early intervention to improve outcomes and reduce injury and associated insurance premiums. By utilising miniature components, Bodytrak® also provides two-way communications, music playback and ambient sound transparency to meet the different needs of the sport, defence, first response, health and safety, and healthcare markets.

Bodytrak® has been gold-standard tested by leading universities, and we have over 40 trial partners across all target markets.  We also have a growing patent portfolio as well as significant value in our proprietary analytics.



The sensors in Bodytrak® have been implemented using principles from medical devices and therefore have a focus on accuracy and reliability.


The 100mAh battery provides sufficient energy to power Bodytrak® for the longest training session, and we are developing lean operating modes to increase battery life even further.

Bluetooth & ANT Compatibility

We’ve incorporated Bluetooth® to enable wireless connectivity to all Bluetooth devices, as well as ANT+ so that Bodytrak® can communicate directly with Garmin devices.


We’ve packed over 160 components into Bodytrak® within a patent protected configuration to be able to deliver all the functionality of the technology in such a small package.

Voice Prompts

Voice prompts enable a ‘heads up’ experience, allowing users to hear feedback of their metrics as and when they want to, whilst being able to focus fully on their activity.

Ambient Transparency

By occluding the ear canal we ensure bass frequencies are preserved and also protection of hearing in harmful environments. However, Bodytrak® enables users to still hear their surroundings by recording the ambient sound and relaying safe frequencies digitally through the earpiece.

Comms & Music

Bodytrak® provides two-way communications for those who need to maintain comms functionality. Music playback is also provided via Bluetooth connection to an audio player.

Bodytrak® Apps & Analytics

Smartphone and web apps provide an intuitive interface to visualise the data from Bodytrak®. Single and multi-user dashboards provide versatility to meet the different needs of individual users as well as supervisors and health professionals. Data analytics and machine learning provide alerts to enable intervention and insights to understand long-term data trends.


There is a roadmap of development for new sensor features, software algorithms and accessories for Bodytrak®, all designed to add further value to our customers.

Our internet of things (IoT) or software as a service (SaaS) platform provides an innovative approach for the creation of new subscription-based service models for the automated monitoring of elite athletes, military personnel, industrial workforces and patients. Physiological monitoring will also increasingly be linked to insurance coverage and reducing premiums, offering exciting new business models for this industry.

Bodytrak® provides accurate, continuous and non-invasive monitoring of vital signs of individuals from the most active to hospitalised patients, ensuring sustained high performance and enabling intervention of worsening conditions to prevent illness, and ultimately reduce fatalities.

The Bodytrak® team works closely with technology specialists to ensure our products utilise the latest in advanced technology, with a focus on accuracy, performance, safety and reliability. We make sure that our technology is intuitive to use with plug-and-play interaction.

"Bodytrak has been designed for use in high pressure, emergency situations, to improve performance and prevent illness."

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"The benefits of this include improving physical performance, reducing injury, improving recovery time and even being able to detect illness."

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"It gives sports enthusiasts at all levels a competitive edge, both in training and competition."

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"Data is sent wirelessly to a cloud-based analytics platform…. This means users or coaches can identify physiological changes."

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"This revolutionary earpiece… may sound like the stuff of science fiction but this technology has become reality."

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