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Bodytrak has been selected as an official partner by Microsoft

The Bodytrak® body monitoring platform has been developed to help ensure the safe keeping and well-being of individuals working in extreme or potentially hazardous environments. Of particular importance for all individuals who use Bodytrak is the need for real-time alerts to allow an immediate r...

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Man Down Detection - a sneak peek into Bodytrak’s latest algorithm

Creating new algorithms is a core part of Bodytrak team’s in house software development capability, with the scope to focus our development work on truly differentiating technology. The most recent of these algorithms is potentially one of our most exciting, with enormous potential to advance co...

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Bodytrak® meets new requirements set by UK emergency services

Although originally brought to market for professional sports in 1977 by Polar Electro, portable heart rate (HR) monitoring has well and truly become embedded in today’s consumer markets. Despite consumer markets being flooded with watches, wrist monitors, phone apps and other wearable technolog...

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Proving Bodytrak® in the Field: New Trial Testimonial

Having already carried out several field trials designed to put Bodytrak through its paces, we’re starting to get some really positive feedback from organisations about Bodytrak. Here’s a new testimonial from Watch Manager, Simon Hilton, at Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service: “We trialled ear...

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Bringing Precision Monitoring to Health Care

According to new projections from the Office of National Statistics, the UK population will exceed 70 million by the end of the next decade. This equates to 4.4 million people added to our existing population by 2029, or the equivalent of increasing London’s population by 50 per cent. Added to...

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Reducing health & safety risks, and insurance premiums

We're active in a number of sectors but an overriding focus for Bodytrak is improving health and safety in a host of industrial scenarios. By improving health and safety conditions, we can also help reduce insurance claims and premiums. Industrial workforces are inherently exposed to risks throu...

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