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Bodytrak®: in a host of industries

We unveiled the Bodytrak in-ear device and analytics platform for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show, earlier this year. The response from attendees and the press was fantastic. In this short blog, we thought we’d expand a bit more on the different sectors in which Bodytrak is being adopted.

Bodytrak for First Responders

Fire, ambulance and police are services the public rely on to protect and preserve life when responding to emergency situations. These professionals willingly put their own wellbeing on the line when it comes to working in extreme environments and in high stress situations. Firefighters are routinely exposed to intense and high temperatures which can quickly lead to serious illness such as heat stress or worse. Physiological related stress is another constant factor, and prolonged dehydration is a real danger when wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) inhibiting the evaporation of sweat. Bodytrak actively monitors for all these conditions and is being trialled with different groups of firefighting organisations that are evaluating our technology to continuously monitor groups of firefighters to ensure their wellbeing and in particular alert for early intervention if signs of heat stress are detected.

Bodytrak for Sports

Bodytrak gives sports enthusiasts at all levels a competitive edge, both in training and competition. It’s the only device that measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) alongside other multiple vital signs such as Core Body Temperature in a single compact wearable giving professional athletes additional insights into peak performance training.

Bodytrak for Defence

Bodytrak is helping to protect military service personnel during training exercises and acclimatising to harsh environments. The solution is unique in that it can work with existing technology, such as field communications systems, whilst monitoring each soldier’s wellbeing. Bodytrak monitors the body’s response to climatic exposure and physiological challenges during training and can help prevent conditions such as heat exhaustion and dangerously high fatigue levels. This helps service personnel better prepare for different types of field operations.

Industrial Health and Safety

Bodytrak provides physiological monitoring for professionals who carry out specialised tasks working in potentially dangerous environments. In these situations Bodytrak is being used to not only monitor vital signs for personal wellbeing but will also alert a central system the moment an event is detected that may have caused physical injury. Combined with integrated person to person communications, Bodytrak is wholly unique in being able to provide this level of support and wellbeing for workers in potentially hazardous workplaces. 



Bodytrak has the potential to deliver real improvements in the provision of patient care as healthcare organisations begin to embrace different aspects of “connected health” services. Continuously monitoring across a full complement of vital signs using a non-invasive, portable, easy-to-use wearable device promises real cost savings and efficiencies when used as part of the patient care system. In addition, Bodytrak utilises machine learning algorithms to monitor an individual’s biometric pattern which can aid healthcare professionals by forewarning and detecting for serious complications and illness, potentially much earlier than existing standard procedures.


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