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Clients & Partners

Our product and service solutions offer advances in safety, well-being, capability and performance of end users, and we have attracted interest from many organisations with a host of different applications and from various territories around the globe.

The Bodytrak® team recognises the commercial advantage of partnerships and encourages contact from potential partners across all of our target sectors.

We are currently in the process of commencing field trials with potential customers in the sectors of professional sport, defence and first response, and also have traction in industrial health & safety and healthcare sectors.

We are delighted to introduce two of our clients who have a common interest in the non-invasive monitoring of physiological status:

The Bodytrak® platform and service model provides significant value in both performance and health and safety applications.


Motorsports and Formula 1™

Bodytrak is developing technology for potential use in Formula 1™ to experiment with expanding the physiological data gathered from racing drivers' in order to track their status and optimise performance. The bespoke technology solution is under development with early testing providing encouraging results.

Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL)

The DSTL have invested in Inova to develop novel, non-invasive, portable, real-time devices to monitor vital signs of service personnel in order to determine health status, optimise performance and tailor potential interventions. DSTL maximises the impact of science and technology (S&T) for the defence and security of the UK, supplying specialist S&anp;T services for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and wider government.

Bodytrak® is still in development so please sign up to our waiting list to make sure we can get in touch with you when it’s ready