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Performance optimisation and protection of service personnel during training exercises and operational tours is a key part of the industry’s ethos. Every year there are fatalities of service personnel during training and operational tours, many of which are preventable. Using Bodytrak®, a novel, non-invasive, portable, real-time device, whole body biometrics and activity can be monitored in real-time to enable full understanding of the thermoregulatory and cardiovascular responses to heat and other physiological challenges during training. This can help prevent heat injury and will flag premature fatigue to minimise reduced physiological and cognitive performance.

Bodytrak® also incorporates two-way communications and passive noise cancellation to prevent against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), and digital ambient transparency to help maintain situational awareness.

In deployed scenarios, Bodytrak® will record the same data for later interrogation or backhaul as part of casualty assessment or electronic medical notes, and deliver better information for triage/diagnosis to assist field medics in the ‘golden hour’.

Bodytrak® continues to engage industry partners to ensure integration of the technology into soldier systems, and is open to licensing opportunities to enable partners to build the sensor technology and embedded algorithms into their existing offerings.

For further information on applications of the technology and the testing we have carried out to date please view this white paper PDF attachment:

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For further information on the testing we have carried out to date please view this white paper PDF attachment.

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Bodytrak® is still in development so please sign up to our waiting list to make sure we can get in touch with you when it’s ready