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First Response

Monitor real-time health and safety in highly stressful and harsh environments.

Monitor real-time health and safety in highly stressful and harsh environments.

First response includes the fire, ambulance and police services as well as smaller services such as RNLI.  Fire fighters are routinely exposed to extreme temperatures which can quickly lead to heat illness and cardiac failure as the body struggles to respond to excessive heat, usually compounded by dehydration and insufficient cooling due to personal protective equipment (PPE) inhibiting the evaporation of sweat.

From one small non-invasive, in-ear device, metrics including core body temperature, heart rate, VO2 and motion (speed, distance, cadence) are measured.

Bodytrak’s technology contributes to the duty of care to protect those operating in harsh environments and in critical roles.

Man-down is a key capability of the system and sophisticated algorithms have been developed to prevent false-positive events. Heat injury and cardiac failure are linked with dehydration and excessive heat exposure, and specific algorithms have been developed to help alert to these events.

For further information on applications of the technology and the testing we have carried out to date please view this white paper PDF attachment:

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Bodytrak® detects changes in body physiology rapidly and accurately.

Bodytrak®, the first solution to implement precision physiological monitoring in an earpiece.

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