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Health & Safety

Monitor real-time health and safety in remote and hazardous environments.

Monitor real-time health and safety in remote and hazardous environments.

Bodytrak® provides physiological monitoring for active users whose performance is critical to being able to fulfil their duty, physically and psychologically.

Corporates accept the need to make further improvements in the management of health and safety risks and Bodytrak® offers exciting new business models for the industry.

Non-invasive but competes with gold standard invasive devices.

For workers in hazardous and remote environments Bodytrak® ensures their health is monitored whilst they focus on fulfilling their duty.

Man-down is a key capability of the system and sophisticated algorithms have been developed to prevent false positive events. Heat injury can also be predicted and alerted to, and fatigue can be tracked to help to prevent catastrophic incidents.

For further information on applications of the technology and the testing we have carried out to date please view this white paper PDF attachment:

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Bodytrak®, the first solution to implement precision physiological monitoring in an earpiece.

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