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Bodytrak® offers solutions for numerous healthcare applications from paediatrics to geriatrics, and from in-patient hospital care to out-patient or community healthcare (including telecare and telehealth).

The current cost of managing long term chronic diseases within the UK represents approximately 70% of all NHS expenditure, with the incidence of chronic long term conditions continuing to rise. The NHS’ 5 year forward plan incorporates strategies to help redress this expenditure through a series of policies, including self-management and remote monitoring allowing for earlier intervention in a community setting and earlier release from hospital care.

This is where Bodytrak® will bring value to the healthcare ecosystem, with the functionality and flexibility to operate in each of these environments.

Through the fully automated collection and transmission of accurate vital sign data direct to healthcare professionals, either in a community, hospital or nursing home setting, informed clinical decisions can be made earlier and with confidence. In addition, the Bodytrak® cloud based analytics system allows for simple interpretation of data to allow individuals to gain insights into their own health and how to appropriately self-manage and retain their independence where possible.

Bodytrak® has received grant funding to commence pilot clinical trials at a London NHS hospital from early 2017.The trials will aim to further validate the technology and assess its value in the post-operative care setting. 

Bodytrak® is still in development so please sign up to our waiting list to make sure we can get in touch with you when it’s ready