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Improve performance where every millisecond counts.

Improve performance where every millisecond counts.

Professional and elite athletes constantly strive to improve performance where every millisecond counts, otherwise known as marginal gains. Bodytrak┬« provides the monitoring of whole body physiology along with movement metrics to enable sport users to get a more accurate and complete picture of their physiology, enabling improved performance. 

From one small non-invasive, in-ear device, metrics including core body temperature, heart rate, VO2 and motion (speed, distance, cadence) are measured.

The use of Bodytrak® in sport will lead to a better understanding of the thermoregulatory and cardiovascular responses to heat and other physiological challenges, as well as serve as a vital tool to prevent the onset of heat illness and premature fatigue which are associated with reduced physiological and cognitive response, and, ultimately, performance.

Bodytrak® also facilitates best coaching practices and refinement of strategies for training and competition. Data acquisition will enable those who strive or aspire to be their best to push themselves beyond their performance limits, whilst performing safely.

Bodytrak® is still in development so please sign up to our waiting list to make sure we can get in touch with you when it’s ready