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Bodytrak® is a platform technology which has key applications in five sectors:


Health & Safety - Bodytrak® improves the safety of active workers in harsh and/or remote environments. Corporations understand the link between reduced risk and reduced insurance premiums, and that innovation can help to provide this.

First Response - Firefighters are routinely exposed to extreme temperatures which can quickly lead to heat illness and cardiac failure. Bodytrak will provide early warnings in real-time and enable critical intervention where required.

Defence - Bodytrak® will enable performance optimisation and protection of service personnel during training exercises and operational tours. Defence Science Technology Laboratory has part-funded Inova to develop Bodytrak®.   

Healthcare - Bodytrak® offers solutions for numerous healthcare applications from paediatrics to geriatrics, but anticipates having the greatest impact through helping to automate the management of chronic illness for the aging population. 

Sport - The use of Bodytrak® in sport will enable elite athletes to achieve marginal gains and greater success by providing detailed insights to facilitate best coaching practices and refinement of strategies for training and competition.


Bodytrak® is still in development so please sign up to our waiting list to make sure we can get in touch with you when it’s ready