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What we do

Bodytrak® was conceived and invented by the team at Inova (Inova Design Solutions Ltd). Inova is an innovative technology company in the rapidly expanding global market of wireless body sensing devices, specialising in the research, design and development of innovative body sensing solutions for optimum health, well-being and performance. Bodytrak® provides accurate and continuous non-invasive monitoring of vital signs parameters of individuals from the most active to hospitalised patients, ensuring sustained high performance and enabling intervention of worsening conditions to prevent illness, and ultimately reduce fatalities. Bodytrak® is the first solution to implement precision physiological monitoring into a compact earpiece, providing automated real-time data and powerful cloud-based analytics. Our user-centric products and services offer new solutions to individuals for a host of applications, including:

  • Assisting healthcare staff to monitor patients continuously and in real-time, in hospital or in the community, and provide rapid intervention
  • Helping military personnel and first time responders to stay in peak condition, make the right life-changing decisions, and avoid heat injury and cardiac failure
  • Enabling athletes and professional sports-men and -women to effortlessly track their physiology to enhance their performance and prevent injury
  • The Bodytrak® team works closely with technology specialists to ensure our products utilise the latest in advanced technology, with a focus on accuracy, performance, safety and reliability
  • We make sure that our technology is intuitive to use with efficient and playful interaction


Inova works with some of the world’s leading companies, universities and subject matter experts in bio-sensing research and technology innovation. Our associates specialise in the following disciplines:

  • Technology innovation and product development
  • Healthcare and medicine
  • Human physiology, including exercise performance
  • Human factors, including cognitive and physical ergonomics

For further information on applications of the technology and the testing we have carried out to date please view this white paper PDF attachment:

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Bodytrak® is still in development so please sign up to our waiting list to make sure we can get in touch with you when it’s ready